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Cineplex of Demonstrations


Ferrofluid Movies

Amorphous Metal Movies

Atomic Imaging Movies

Holiday Light Movies (LEDs are Diodes)

Re-entrant Foam Movies

Self Assembly Movies

LEGO Models Movies

Semiconductor Device Movies

Polyhedral Model Kit

Particle Manipulation

Balloons as Models


NiTi Memory Metal Movies

NiTi Phases (requires sound)

A NiTi Mystery (requires sound)

Light Emitting Diode Movies

Structure of DNA Movies

Liquid Crystal Movies
(Cristal Liquido)

Superconductor Movies

Catalytic Converter Movies

Carbon Nanotube Movies

Carbon Nanotube Balloon Model

Magic Sand


NMR/MRI Movies

Piezoelectric Movies

Giant MagnetoResistance (GMR) Movies

Silicon Movies

Thermoelectric Movies

F-center Movies

Band Gap Movies

Magnetorheology Movies

Nanoworld Cineplex

Developed in collaboration with the
University of Wisconsin Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (NSF DMR-1121288)
Interdisciplinary Education Group   |   MRSEC on Nanostructured Interfaces
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