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Download these programs to run on your own computer.

Right click or CTRL-click on the link. Drag down to something like "Save Link Target as..." or "Save this Link as..." or "Download Link to Disk" or "Download Linked File As..." or "Saved Linked File to Desktop...".

You will need a way to unzip the file/folder. You can place the resulting file/folder anywhere.
Each program has a "Check for updates" menu item that can tell you whether you have the latest version.

Programs should work on Windows 8-11. If you get a message about a missing dll, run Windows Update.

Programs should work on Mac OS 10.14-14.x (Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey, Ventura, Sonoma). Since the Mac OSX applications are not signed, you will need to control-click the app icon and choose Open from the context menu the first time you run it.


Draw logarithmic concentration, distribution, and titration plots for acid/base, solubility, metal/ligand and redox equilibria, as well as cyclic voltammograms and Pourbaix diagrams.

Download Kplot: Mac zip or Mac dmg (Universal 64 bit Intel and Silicon) | Windows 64 or Windows 32 | Linux or Raspberry Pi

G. C. Lisensky, © 2007-2024.

Mass Spectroscopy Tables

Calculate combinations of C, H, N, and O for a unit mass, exact mass of that composition, % relative intensity of M+1 and M+2 peaks, and the number of rings and double bonds.

Download Mass: Mac | Windows | Linux

G. C. Lisensky, © 2003-2020.

AB, ABB, and AA'XX' NMR Coupling

This program plots NMR line spectra for type AB, ABB, and AA'XX' coupling. Vary the chemical shift difference, coupling constant, and instrument frequency to find the conditions necessary for first-order spectra

Download ABNMR: Mac | Windows | Linux

G. C. Lisensky, © 1990-2020.

Hydrogen Atom Wave Functions

Draw radial distribution and angular functions for hydrogen-like atomic orbitals.

Download Radial: Mac | Windows | Linux

G. C. Lisensky, © 2007-2020.

Space Group Diagrams

Draw space group diagrams by identifying symmetry elements from the International Tables for X-ray Crystallography for monoclinic and orthorhombic space groups. You may display the symmetry elements, the equivalent positions, or both.

Download Spacegroup: Mac | Windows | Linux

G. C. Lisensky, © 2007-2020.

iORTEP - A Crystallographic Plotting Program

To plot a crystal structure you need to enter values for
-the unit cell dimensions (axes in Ångstroms, angles in degrees),
-the space group symmetry (equivalent positions and centering),
-a unique name, fractional coordinates, and thermal parameters for each atom.

Download ORTEP: Mac | Windows | Linux | Sample data | pdf help file

Fortran version by Carroll K. Johnson, "ORTEP-II: A FORTRAN Thermal-Ellipsoid Plot Program for Crystal Structure Illustrations," Oak Ridge National Laboratory Report ORNL-5138, 1976. Interactive version by G. C. Lisensky, © 2008-2020.

GradeReader - An Excel formatting program

This program takes a comma or tab-delimited Excel TEXT file where the first row is column headings and subsequent rows contain a name and grades for each person, and produces a page for each person with their assignment grades.

Download GradeReader: Mac zip or Mac dmg (Universal 64 bit Intel and Silicon) | Windows 64 | Linux

G. C. Lisensky, © 2003-2023.


Create or edit a slide show from web pages (html, pdf) to be played back in a browser. While the final show works online, this editor is meant to be used with a local web site.

Download BrowserShow: Mac | Windows

G. C. Lisensky, © 2004-2020.

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