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Pigments (jsmol)

Chemistry of Color (ACS, AACT, PPG, 2019)
     What is Paint? (video)
     What are Pigments? (video)
     Color Matching (video)
     The Future of Paint (video)

Polarity and Solubility
     Restoring Rothko (video)
     Mark, Brown, "Tate Modern unveils painstakingly restored Rothko," The Guardian, 13 May 2014 or pdf
     Rachel Barker and Bronwyn Ormsby, "Conserving Mark Rothko's Black on Maroon 1958: The Construction of a "Representative Sample" and the Removal of Graffiti Ink," Tate Paper No. 23 (2015)

Chemistry and art
     A journey of discovery (Royal Society of Chemistry)
     What do chemists do? (American Chemical Society)

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