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 What Should We Do About Global Warming? 
 Sharon Anthony, Thomas W. Brauch, and Elizabeth J. Longley
Blue Light
 Build a Better CD Player: 
 How Can You Get Blue Light from a Solid? 
 George C. Lisensky, Herbert Beall, Arthur B. Ellis, Dean J. Campbell, and Joanne Stewart
 Why Does the Ozone Hole Form? 
 Tricia Ferrett and Sharon Anthony
 Would You Like Fries With That?  
 The Fuss About Fats in Our Diet
 Sandra Laursen and Heather Mernitz
 Computer Chip Thermochemistry:  
 How Can We Create an Integrated Circuit from Sand? 
 Melonie A. Teichert, Angelica M. Stacy, Alice C. Rico, Susan E. Kegley, Jennifer G. Loeser, Marco Molinaro, and Susan E. Walden
 Water Treatment: 
 How Can We Make our Water Safe to Drink? 
 Susan E. Kegley, Doug Landfear, David Jenkins, Ben Gross, and Kome Shomglin
 What's in a Star? 
 Melissa Kido, Susan E. Kegley, Greg Bothun, and Geoffrey W. Marcy
 How Could Life Have Arisen on Earth? 
 Paul G. Jasien, Stanley L. Miller, Matthew Levy, and Jason Dworkin
Acid Rain
 Soil Equilibria: 
 What Happens to Acid Rain? 
 George C. Lisensky, Roxanne Hulet, Michael Beug, and Sharon Anthony
 How Can We Reduce Air Pollution from Automobiles? 
 Howard Drossman, Wayne Tikkanen, and Sandra Laursen
 How Do We Get From Bonds to Bags, Bottles, and Backpacks? 
 Karen Harding and Sharon Anthony
Copper Mine
 Should We Build a Copper Mine? 
 Mary Walczak, Linda Zarzana, Doug Williams, and Paul Charlesworth
 Popup Calculator 

This collection of tools and resources was edited by George Lisensky and Marco Molinaro.
Copyright © 2004 by the trustees of Beloit College and the Regents of the University of California. These Chem Connections Modules have been developed under the direction of the ChemLinks Coalition, headed by Beloit College, and the ModularChem Consortium, headed by the University of California at Berkeley. This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation grants No. DUE-9455918 and DUE-9455924. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation, Beloit College, or the Regents of the University of California.

Published through exclusive license with W. W. Norton.
What Should We Do About Global Warming? ISBN 0-393-15415-7
Build a Better CD Player: How Can You Get Blue Light from a Solid? ISBN 0-393-15412-2
Why Does the Ozone Hole Form? ISBN 0-393-15413-0
Would You Like Fries With That? The Fuss about Fats in Our Diet ISBN 0-393-15411-4
Computer Chip Thermochemistry: How Can We Create an Integrated Circuit from Sand? ISBN 0-393-15410-6
Water Treatment: How Can We Make Our Water Safe to Drink? ISBN 0-393-92646-x
What's in a Star? ISBN 0-393-15414-9
How Could LIfe Have Arisen on Earth? ISBN 0-393-92436-x
Soil Equilibria: What Happens to Acid Rain? ISBN 0-393-15386-x
How Can We Reduce Air Pollution from Automobiles? ISBN 0-393-92438-6
How Do We Get from Bonds to Bags, Bottles, and Backpacks? ISBN 0-393-92439-4
Should We Build a Copper Mine? ISBN 0-393-92647-8