Beloit College Scotland Semester 2005

Failte! Welcome to Scotland Semester Site. Here you will find information about the experience we had in the Fall of 2005, as well as more general information about the Scotland program. You will also find links to other useful web pages.

The notorious gang of 2005, with unofficial, unmatriculated mascot. This photo was taken on the group's first outing, to the castle at Dumbarton Rock.

Beloit students enroll in two pre-sessional courses during the month of September, before regular University term begins. Both course, Scottish Studies (history and literature) and Science and the Environment of Scotland provided opportunities to travel around Scotland to visit significant sites for a "non-tourist's" view of the country.

This group of students, with a director from Beloit College (and her family) spent the fall semester of 2005 based at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. As a group, we made many excursions out of Glasgow. The students indivually took advantage of being overseas to visit other U.K. and European sites. The seminar has operated in even numbered years since 1996, and beginning in Fall 2005, switched to odd numbered years. For photos and a thumbnail description of our travels, click HERE.

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