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Student Research Fellowships in Chemistry

We now have two student Research Fellowship funds in chemistry in memory of alumni David Norris '92 and Kenneth Kemmerer '30. The purpose of these Fellowships is to encourage and support chemistry-related undergraduate research by providing funds for research expenses and/or travel to present research results. Research that draws connections between chemistry and other fields in the sciences and beyond is encouraged, and student interest in and capability for benefitting from the research experience will be of primary consideration in making the awards. Proposals for research support or for support to present research results at a regional or national meeting may be submitted at any time. For example, you may be registering for a Special Project for fall now, or you may want to continue your summer research this fall and/or present it at a professional meeting. If you are planning a research project or a research presentation and would like to be considered for support, please submit a proposal (a brief description of the project or presentation along with a budget) to George Lisensky.

Summer 2013 researchers