Materials with the same crystal structure include: AgZnF3, KCoF3, SmFeO3, BaFeO3, KFeF3, SmVO3, BaMoO3, KMgF3, SrFeO3, BaPbO3, KMnF3, SrHfO3, BaSnO3, KTaO3, SrMoO3, BaTiO3, LiBaF3, SrSnO3, BaZrO3, LiBaH3, SrTiO3, CaSnO3, NaAlO3, SrZrO3, CaTiO3, NaWO3, TaSnO3, CaVO3, RbCaF3, TlCoF3, CaZrO3, RbCoF3, TlIO3, CsCaF3, RbMnF3, YCrO3, CsCdF3, SmAlO3, YFeO3, CsPbBr3, SmCoO3, KCdF3, SmCrO3.

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