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References about Powerpoint Talks

The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation by Peter Norvig.
See also the Making of the Gettysburg Presentation.
Download local version of this powerpoint show.

"Power Corrupts. Powerpoint Corrupts Absolutely." by Edward Tufte, Wired Magazine, Issue 11.09, September 2003. Enlarged Figure

The above article converted to PowerPoint style by Aaron Swartz.

"At many points during its investigation, the Board was surprised to receive similar presentation slides from NASA officials in place of technical reports. The Board views the endemic use of PowerPoint briefing slides instead of technical papers as an illustration of the problematic methods of technical communication at NASA." Columbia Accident Investigation Board, Report Volume I, p.191 (August 2003).
See also critique of Columbia Evidence by Edward Tufte.

The Deadly Sins of Modern PowerPoint Usage by Rick Altman
"You can show off in PowerPoint by loading up on gratuitous effects, or you can show off by not. With the latter approach, you show off your sense of restraint—you proclaim that you know what is important in a presentation and what is not. That is an invaluable commodity for modern-day PowerPoint users. And one less person that we’d have to whack upside the head."

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