The graph above represents most of the named regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Clicking on one of the purple or red boxes will show an example of how that wavelength of light is used in everyday life or an example of how it is generated. Additionally, a cartoon showing an item of similar size to the wavelength will be displayed. The "EXPLAIN" buttons beneath the pictures bring up alert boxes with information about the pictures.
The center panel indicates the equivalent, quantitative representations for that type of light in Frequency, Wavelength, and Energy. We have also included a link to a simple converter which will calculate frequency, wavelength, and energy when one value is input.
The "Instructions" link will bring you back to this page from anywhere in the EMSpectrum Explorer and the "Return" button at the top returns you to the "Light and Energy Tools Homepage".

Electromagnetic Spectrum Tool by Susan E. Walden and LeighAnne McConnaughey.
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