This page was produced in 1999 by the Atmosphere, Climate, and Environment program of Manchester Metropolitan University and was originally found at but the website is no longer online.


Acid Rain Cartoon Analysis


  1. Classify each of the 18 cartoons into the following categories. List the numbers of the cartoons under their appropriate headings (they may fit into more than one category). For example, Cartoon 4 can be listed under tree damage and vehicle pollution.


    Emissions of Air Pollutants


    Tree damage


    Freshwater Acidification


    Soil Acidification


    Vehicle Pollution


    Politics of Acidification


  3. Choose any three cartoons. Taking each in turn, write a few sentences on what you believe the artist is trying to portray.
  4. Write down all the information that you can obtain about the acid rain issue from the 18 cartoons.
  5. The artist Burki lives in Switzerland, the artist Albrechtsen lives in Denmark and the artists Forshed and Good live in Sweden. What does this tell you about the artists' concern about acidification?
  6. Draw your own cartoon illustrating any of the effects of acid deposition that you choose.

Printing permission of the cartoons was kindly given for ©Burki, 24 Heures by Professor P. Goeldlin, Director, Musee Zoologique, Lausanne and from Klaus Albrechtsen, Nils Forshed and Bengt Good respectively.